We are family!

I am the pastor at Messiah Lutheran Church in Mechanicsville, VA. We are continually blessed by a creative and active relationship with the local Lutheran Family Services of Virginia staff. We have cooperated on many projects like the Change Who Waits Rally in Richmond (see my entry below).

This past spring, we hosted our second annual LFS Family Celebration Picnic at Messiah. Our special guests included LFS staff and their families, along with children, family and volunteers of their adoption/foster care programs and autism programs. Fun is always had by all – both Messiah members and our guests – as evidenced by this wonderful video shared with us on our recent Rally Day. (Many of the pictures are from this year’s picnic.)

Our theme for Rally Day 2012 was “We are family!” And thanks be to God, we can always strive to live like one. We are already looking forward to our next LFS picnic! You should come…

To learn more about Lutheran Family Services of Virginia, visit: http://www.lfsva.org


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